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Éclats de verre
20" x 24"
Fond de mer
16" x 12"
Café de mon pays
12" x 12"
Feu de grève
12" x 16"
Magda Mikail

Magda Mikail was born in Egypt and has lived in Montreal since 2001. Self-taught gifted with an innate sense of color mixing, she began painting at the age of 15. For years, Magda studied different mediums through which the material would best express her inner world that would prove to be the oil painting. Her works are remarkably textured tactile, even physical. By juxtaposition of large keys, thick and generous to empattées touches of pure color, the artist creates a sometimes chaotic movement directed along sometimes inspiration.

Spontaneous choice of primary colors gushing like a fireworks display allow it to express her mood of the moment.

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